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All tuition: Accommodation with meals. General and book allowance. Travel allowance (where applicable). Incentives for good performance. Academic and emotional support. Good networking opportunities. Vacation work from second year. After your studies you can enjoy: Guaranteed employment after university. One-on-one mentoring by an experienced qualified actuary. In-house rotation programme exposing you to professional development across all areas. Working with acknowledged industry-leading experts in different fields, shaping South Africa's financial future!

Renewable based on performance

UCT and Stellenbosch

Who Can Apply
You need Mathematics with a strong A-plus result and A's and B's for the rest of your matric subjects. Preference will be given to Black South African learners i.e. African, Coloured, Indian and Chinese learners that are South African citizens by birth or descent (as per the definition of Black designated groups in the Employment Equity Act). Please ensure that the application is completed in your own writing.

Service Contract
Depends on the bursary agreement

Closing Date
1 July

The Bursary Administrator
Actuarial Bursary Applications
Actuarial Resource Development (2M)
P O Box 66
Cape Town, 8000
Tel: -021 509 2656/ 021 504 7285

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