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Full tertiary registration and tuition, book allowance, once-off computer allowance, medical benefit cover, residence fees, plus personal allowance

Renewable annually for the duration of the course

Company-approved tertiary institutions

Who Can Apply
A Grade 12 academic level with a minimum of 60% achieved for Pure Mathematics, Physical Science and English is required for applicants to be considered for a bursary in Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical /Metallurgical Engineering, Geology, Rock Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Mine Surveying and Finance and Information. (Physical Science is not required for Finance and Information).

Service Contract
Employment contractual obligation of one year for every year of bursary funded

Closing Date
15 May

55 Marshall Street,
Johannesburg, 2001
P O Box 62179
Marshalltown, 2107

Web Address

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