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The bursary shall cover the following: a. Registration and administration fees b. Tuition fees c. Practical training where applicable i.e. attendance of bridging courses d. Prescribed text book fees. e. Travelling, accommodation and meals during block attendance Payment of prescribed text books should be accompanied by proof from the relevant study institution. Costs for recommended or additional books shall not be covered in this regard.

Funds programmes 12 months or more. Renewals of the bursary shall be subject to the bursary holders' satisfactory progress in his/her studies.

Who Can Apply
Bursary will be allocated to employees who have been employed for 12 months and more and whose probation has been confirmed.

Service Contract
Bursary holders shall be contractually bound to the Department for the number of years equivalent to the years of study

Closing Date
30 November

The Director-General, Private Bag X65,
Pretoria, 0001
The Director-General, Private Bag X65, Pretoria, 0001

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