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Gravure Machine Operator / Lithographic Machine-minder
Gravure machine operators are in charge of printing machines and are primarily responsible for making the necessary adjustments to ensure the highest quality of printing possible.

Gravure machine operators' tasks include the setting up of the printing machine, using printing cylinders prepared by photogravure engravers. They also clean the inking system and oil the machine; lock the printing cylinder into position on the machine; and fill the ink trough and regulate the flow of ink. They thread the paper through the machine guides and rollers; adjust the rollers and cutting mechanisms, then set and adjust the scraper blade to remove excess ink from the cylinder surface. Finally, a trial run is made to check legibility and printing uniformity.

When everything is in order, the machine is restarted and brought to full speed to commence printing. The printing, folding and cutting procedures also need to be checked for correct functioning.

Satisfying Aspects
- working with your hands
- satisfaction of producing even print
- working in a relatively clean setting

Demanding aspects
- possible boredom from routine on one machine
- standing or walking most of the day
- noise from the machines

A gravure machine-minder should:
- be at least 16 years old;
- give attention to detail;
- enjoy working with his hands;
- be a neat and accurate worker;
- be technically inclined;
- have manual dexterity.

School Subjects
Grade 10 Certificate for a learner - or learnership at a company.
National Senior Certificate for full-time training at the South African Printing College

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

Prospective gravure machine-operators can qualify in two different ways:

- by serving a learnership at a company where they receive practical in-service training (Competency-   Based Modular Method) under the supervision of skilled tradesmen, while theoretical classes are conducted through the Distance Learning Department of the Southern African Printing    College
- by attending the full-time 6 months course at the Southern African Printing College, where both practical and theoretical teaching / training is done (Competency-Based Modular Method). After the successful completion of the course students have    to be enrolled as learners for a minimum of 66 weeks before being allowed to do the Final Competence Test.

- Commercial printing plants
- Book and magazine publishers
- Newspaper plants
- Stationery and envelope manufacturers
- Government departments e.g. Government Printing Works
- Manufacturers and other firms that do their own printing

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