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Bar Steward
Bar stewards or bartenders serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to customers or prepare drinks which waiters serve to customers. They mix drinks according to standard recipes or customer requests and usually collect payment for the drinks.

Bar stewards keep their bars well supplied with spirits, beer, mixers, garnishes, ice and other supplies. They also clean and arrange glasses, bottles and mixers in an attractive yet convenient way. In addition the bar itself must be kept spotlessly clean.

Bart stewards need to know what type of glass each kind of drink is served in. They play a vital role in the running of any restaurant, hotel or bar. They deal directly with customers and should understand how to make people feel welcome and recognize them when they return.

Satisfying Aspects
- getting tips from customers
- working with people
- being able to get a job with little education
- getting to meet some interesting people

Demanding aspects
- tiring, being on your feet for long periods
- limited prospects for promotion
- dealing with difficult or over-demanding customers
- taking drinks orders at large tables or a number of tables at the same time
- irregular and sometimes very long working hours
- may not be very lucrative

A barman should:
- have a pleasant personality;
- enjoy meeting all kinds of people;
- be patient, diplomatic and even-tempered;
- present a neat appearance;
- be able to work quickly and accurately;
- be able to stand for hours at a time;
- be able to lift heavy boxes.

School Subjects
No specific high school requirements are necessary to enter this career but it is recommended that candidates have a basic knowledge of arithmetic to be able to add up customers' orders.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Mathematics, Accounting, Languages, Hospitality Studies

On-the-job training, FET Colleges.

- Restaurants and cafeterias
- Hotel dining rooms
- Private clubs
- Bars and cocktail lounges
- Casinos
- Other establishments that serve drinks

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