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Yard Official
The main duty of yard officials is the safe marshalling and transport of trainloads. They control the shunting movements of passenger coaches and goods wagons using radio communication or hand signals.

Yard officials work in shunting yards where trains are loaded and unloaded. The contents of the trucks vary from heavy ore to livestock.

Yard officials connect trucks to the correct train and ensure that all trucks are properly coupled. They also make sure that the train has sufficient braking force for the proposed journey. They need to keep the external condition of trucks in good order. They may be required to feed livestock where necessary and check cooling units. Obviously, special precautions need to be taken when shunting trucks carrying explosives.

Satisfying Aspects
- working with your hands
- working with others
- working outdoors

Demanding aspects
- possibility of injury on the job
- working in all kinds of weather conditions
- limited job opportunities
- physically taxing work

A yard official should:
- be reliable and responsible;
- be in good health to perform physically demanding work;
- be able to work in a team;
- like to work outdoors, not minding weather conditions;
- be safety conscious.

School Subjects
Grade 10 Certificate

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

The yard official receives training by working in a team with qualified persons.
Theoretical and practical training is also offered at larger centres such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Durban, Germiston, Esselen Park.

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