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Platelayers are responsible for laying down and maintaining a designated section of railway line and checking the safety of the area surrounding the track, especially bridges, tunnels and drains. They are assisted by and responsible for the supervision of teams of workers.

Satisfying Aspects
- working with your hands
- working with others
- working outdoors

Demanding aspects
- possibility of injury on the job
- working in all kinds of weather conditions
- limited job opportunities
- physically taxing work

A platelayer should:
- have physical stamina;
- pay meticulous attention to safety considerations;
- be responsible;
- have integrity.

School Subjects
Grade 10 Certificate.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

Spoornet offers a training course through their training college.

The candidate has to pass a Spoornet aptitude test.

- Spoornet