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Airport Manager
Airport managers plan, direct and coordinate all activities concerning the maintenance of airport facilities and the operation of airports in accordance with government regulations. They are also responsible for the management of personnel. At a large international airport, management tasks are often split between different managers, each with specific tasks or sections of the airport.

Airport managers are responsible for putting procedures in place to deal with aircraft accidents and other emergencies; the regular inspection of runways, buildings and beacons, as well as lighting, automotive and construction equipment and other airport facilities. They ensure the coordination of repair and maintenance workers. They guide staff, for example those investigating violations of air and ground traffic regulations and those initiating disciplinary action.

Airport managers are responsible for preparing annual budgets, which entails reviewing proposals for improvements to facilities and estimating increases in the volume of air traffic.

Satisfying Aspects
- variety of work
- dealing with people
- being active rather than always sedentary

Demanding aspects
- juggling finances to ensure good maintenance and improvements
- dealing with labour disputes and other management crises

- management ability, including understanding financial matters
- ability to deal with people at all levels
- understand air transport and other forms of transport that centre on an airport

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects:None
Recommended Subjects: Mathematics, Economics

Airport companies offer in-service training courses for their own staff. However, any degree would be advantageous, such as BAdmin or MBA offered by most universities. Diplomas such as CIS and diplomas in accountancy and personnel management could be useful.

- Department of Transport
- privately owned airports

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