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Agricultural Inspector
As agriculture is of the utmost importance for the South African economy and agricultural products are exported to other countries and the fact that the South African population is dependent on agricultural products for food, it is important to maintain high quality standards. Agricultural inspectors are technicians who inspect and evaluate the quality and standard of various agricultural products, used domestically or exported.

There are three areas in which an agricultural inspector may specialize:

Plants: Plant and quality control technicians are responsible for plant health services, plant and seed control services and analysis services. These people control the quality and marking requirements of fresh plant, animal, and liquor products and also focus on the control of plant diseases and harmful insects.

Meat: The primary function of meat inspectors is to ensure that slaughtered animals are fit for human consumption. It is important to inspect the levels of hygiene and cleanliness in abattoirs.

Animal Health: Animal health technicians assist veterinary surgeons in preventing and controlling diseases through a variety of methods, including research into these diseases and the production of vaccines and dips. These people ensure that farmers respect the laws regarding animal health and inform and guide farmers in the control of animal diseases.

Satisfying Aspects
- contributing to making South Africa's economy stronger
- meeting various types of interesting people
- gaining more experience and knowledge about various types of disease

Demanding aspects
- extensive travelling can be exhausting
- being away from home when farmers are far away
- having to work in various weather conditions

An agricultural inspector should:
- have an interest in the environment (animals and plants in particular);
- have good communication and persuasive skills in order to effectively guide and inform farmers;
- be able to work under different conditions.

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Science
Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences

Diploma:? Prospective agricultural inspectors must have an applicable university of technology diploma, such as the N.Dip. Animal Health, N.Dip. Agriculture: Animal Production, N.Dip. Agriculture: Plant Production or N.Dip. Meat Hygiene, eg TUT.

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