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Dry Cleaner and Laundry Worker
A dry cleaner uses knowledge of cleaning processes and solvents, fabrics and colours to clean clothing, curtains and other materials.

The work entails operating automatic dry-cleaning machines by:
- loading articles for cleaning;
- manipulating switches and levers;
- operating the extractor that removes excess solvent;
- tending the tumbler that dries the articles;
- removing the odour of solvent;
- draining dirty solvent;
- loading chemicals to the solvent to facilitate filtration.

Some very soiled or delicate items are cleaned by hand.

A laundry worker washes and irons clothing and linen using industrial automatic washing machines and tumble dryers. The laundry supervisor determines the sequence in which the laundry has to be done to ensure a quick and efficient service to customers. The supervisor checks laundry for specific cleaning requirements and examines finished laundry to check that standards are maintained. They also regularly check the machines for malfunctions, investigate customer complaints and read literature in respect of new cleaning materials and equipment.

Satisfying Aspects
- using one’s organizational ability
- regular hours

Demanding aspects
- working with chemicals
- dealing with difficult customers
- spending most of the time on one’s feet
- repetitive activit

A dry cleaner and laundry worker should:
- give attention to detail;
- be able to maintain high standards in the face of a monotonous task;
- be responsible;
- have integrity;
- have some organisational skills.

School Subjects
No specific requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

The worker is trained on the job to effectively perform the duties.

- Dry-cleaning companies
- Commercial laundries
- Hostels, hotels with laundry facilities