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Parking Meter Servicer
Parking meter servicers are responsible for inspecting, repairing and maintaining parking meters on a designated route.

Their tasks include:

- winding meters according to schedule
- adjusting mechanisms
- using hand tools to repair or replace worn parts
- using wrenches to straighten meter pipes
- replacing broken glass
- disassembling meters to clean and oil parts

Parking meter servicers also keep service records to facilitate preventive maintenance.

Satisfying Aspects
- working without supervision
- working with your hands
- working both outdoors and indoors
- being able to obtain work without much education

Demanding aspects
- being on one's feet for the greater part of a    normal working day
- working outdoors even in bad weather
- frustration at having to repair the same meters over and over again

A parking meter servicer should:
- be responsible;
- have integrity;
- have technical aptitude;
- enjoy detailed work;
- be able to work with his hands.

School Subjects
No specific requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

The municipalities which employ parking meter servicers offer on-the-job training.

- Municipalities

The nearest municipality office