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Animal Trainer
Animal trainers teach animals to perform and compete in shows, perform tricks and to obey commands. Most animal trainers specialize in training one animal type but some work with several types. Animal trainers set up programmes that consist of repetition and reward, to teach animals to behave in a particular manner and to do so consistently.

Before training starts the trainer will evaluate the animal's ability and temperament to determine which method of training would be appropriate and whether the animal can be trained. They then repeat routines continuously until the animal does what is required. The animal is then rewarded accordingly.

Animal trainers are also responsible for grooming, exercising and feeding the animals. They either do this themselves or they ask an assistant or worker to do it.

They sometimes direct or organize animal shows, for instance a circus, television or film performance. Here they guide the animal in its performance. Some animal trainers train guide-dogs or dogs used in the search of drugs or bombs in the army or police force.

Satisfying Aspects
- working outdoors and with animals
- helping animals in distress
- seeing how animals respond to teaching is a rewarding factor
- training a wild animal can also be emotionally satisfying

Demanding aspects
- frustration when animals do not respond to training
- having to work long hours in all kinds of weather conditions

- be at least 16 years old
- keen interest in and love of animals
- extremely patient and kind
- friendly and caring
- managerial traits
- physically strong and fit

School Subjects
No set level of school required, but it is suggested that you progress as far as you can at school

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Biology and Science

No set level of school required, but it is suggested that you progress as far as you can at school.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences and Physical Sciences

- circuses
- zoos and aquariums
- racecourses
- stables
- armed services
- self-employment