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Stunt Perfomer
Stunt perfomers replace film actors in scenes that are dangerous, for example, where the character has to jump from an exploding car, and so on. They need to know exactly how to perform the stunt so that it looks real to the audience but is safe to perform.

There are various types of stunt roles, two of which are called "nondescript" and "double". As a double, the stunt performer must look and act like the actor. In the nondescript role, the stunt performer doesn't replace a person, but is a nameless, incidental character, for example, a driver in a freeway chase scene.

Stunts can make a movie exciting, and therefore probably more profitable. The director decides how the stunts will appear on the screen. Stunt coordinators plan the stunts, set the scene and hire a recommended stunt performer. A stunt co-ordinator will immediately know if a stunt scene will take a long time to perform, although on film it may eventually last only a few seconds. Stunt performers work closely with the prop, make-up and wardrobe artists. They also work with the special effects team to ensure safety and forestall problems.

Stunt performers are dedicated professionals who work hard to make stunts believable, but also act responsibly by taking extra precautions, such as making use of cables and air bags.

Satisfying Aspects
- working as part of a team
- possibility of meeting famous people
- play important role in the making of the movie

Demanding aspects
- hard, physical work
- involves long hours
- need to work in uncomfortable positions and locations

- minimum 16 years old
- physical and mental fitness
- determination
- cool, calm disposition
- ability to keep a cool head at all times
- thrive under pressure
- an engineering / mathematical disposition

School Subjects
No specific school requirements

In-service training may be provided under the supervision of an experienced stunt performer.

The Stunt Company offers a course in stunt and special effects training and teaches vital life skills.

- film and advertising industry
- possible places of employment are with movie directors and stunt co-ordinators.
- there is also opportunity for self-employment.

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