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Sport Administrator
Sport administrators plan, organise and direct sport and recreation programs and services in accordance with policies set by management, owners, boards of directors or executive committees. They regulate the activities around sport and then maintain contact with sport organisations in order to see that the regulations are implemented and coordinated effectively.

Sport administrators are also involved in promoting participation in sport and have a mandate to promote the image of sport by maintaining a good example as a management body. They attend sporting tournaments, training courses and meetings where the administrative aspects of sport events are dealt with. They plan and manage the building of sporting facilities such as sports stadiums and recreation complexes. They may initiate research into areas of need within a sport for instance in the field of training, fitness, diet, equipment and apparatus. They may plan events such as coaching for trainers and leaders in sport and recreation. Sports administrators may also may participate in the process of conflict resolution between sport organizations or sportsmen.

In South Africa there are a variety of government sports administration bodies both at provincial and national level. The administration may also vary according to the type of sport i.e. sporting bodies for golf, soccer, cricket, running and swimming for example. In any one of these areas sports administrators are directly involved in managing and coordinating events and facilities.

In South Africa, sport administrators and officials are employed by the government mainly at a national and provincial level. However most sport administrators and officials tend to be part-time employed or volunteer worker. This is especially the case in sports that are less well known in the country. In general, recreation and sport administrators:
- develop and recommend overall recreation strategies, plans and policies
- implement policies
- act as a liaison for boards, committees and community organizations
- organize and co-ordinate recreation programs and educational events
- plan regional, provincial, national and international sporting events
- assist community organizations in planning and administration, and facilitate the delivery of their programs and services
- initiate and oversee fund raising activities
- manage or oversee recreational and sport facilities such as arenas, curling rinks, swimming pools and golf courses
- establish yearly budgets for equipment and staffing, maintenance and repair
- advertise programs and services
- train and supervise staff
- write reports
- co-ordinate volunteer groups.

Satisfying Aspects
- working with people who are involved in sport
- promoting and advancing sport
- spending a good deal of time outdoors
- being able to work within area you enjoy

Demanding aspects
- working with difficult people
- frustrations when negotiations break down
- lack of funding for projects

A sport administrator should:
- have a keen interest in sport;
- communicate well;
- be able to motivate people;
- have organisational abilities;
- have energy and initiative;
- have an interest in promoting sport and physical fitness.

School Subjects
There are no specific subject requirements for sport administrators. School sporting activities, however are the foundation for future sport involvement and should be encouraged.

National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None

Sports administration positions are generally entry level positions. Employers generally prefer to hire applicants who have several years of sport related experience. A sport administrator should have a strong background in having played and been involved in sport events. Preferably, however a sports administrator should have a relevant degree or diploma possibly with a sport emphasis. These may include a BA or BSc degree with sport or sport science as a major subject. Relevant diplomas in sport management are offered by most universities of technology and some private colleges.

- South African Federation for Movement and Leisure Sciences
- Confederation of South African Sports
- Municipalities and provincial administrators
- Universities and universities of technology
- Department of Correctional Services
- Self-employment, sport advancement officers can act as agents and handle the planning and management of the activities of a professional sportsperson or team.

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