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Animal Inspector
Animal inspectors work for organisations that are involved in the rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected and abused animals.

Their time is taken up with investigations of animal abuse cases and inspections of properties for adopted animals, as well as the inspection of breeding facilities, pet shops, security companies, abattoirs, and any other places that have animals on the property or where animals are in any way involved.

With the variety of inspections that need to be conducted, working conditions vary greatly. They can be “wet, hot, filthy, tiring, indoors, outdoors, stressful, fun, difficult, heartbreaking …”

Their daily inspections also provide both funny and frightening moments. People get aggressive when they feel guilty, and working with dangerous or aggressive animals can be frightening.

Although this career path can be daunting at times, for dedicated animal-lovers it can be a dream job: As an animal inspector has said, “Saving animals will always be my goal and my passion. We should all fight for animal rights. God gave us the gift of animals, so it is our responsibility to look after them.”

Satisfying Aspects
- satisfaction when abused animals are rescued
- being able to follow your passion

Demanding aspects
- working long hours
- job is time-consuming and challenging
- having to deal with animals that cannot be saved

- have a great love and compassion for animals
- be able to work with difficult people
- be mentally strong enough to deal with emotionally upsetting situations
- be reasonably fit

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate .

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences

To become an animal welfare inspector, you need to have completed Matric and have a valid driver’s licence. You also need to complete the inspector’s course, as prescribed by the Animal Protection Act. This makes it a possible career path for people who want to work with animals, but don’t want to become veterinary surgeons.

- animal welfare organisations
- government departments

Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals
P O Box 1320
Alberton, 1450
Tel: (011) 907-3590 Fax: (011) 907-4013

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre

South African Board of Companion Animal Professionals

Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education

Animal Rights Africa