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Branch Manager
Branch managers exercise total responsibility for developing a business operation that increases sales, business profitability, market share and customer and employee satisfaction by directing, coordinating and monitoring all sales, branch operations and personnel development activities. There are usually excellent prospects to move into higher positions within the organisation.

With the right education, skills and experience, there are abundant opportunities in the field of branch management. A branch manager needs strong people management skills and the ability to develop a team. Customer service and business development skills are also imperative. The size of the business usually determines the responsibilities of a branch manager, but the branch manager is normally responsible for all aspects of the branch, from security issues to dealing with dissatisfied clients.

A branch manager is sometimes also referred to as a store manager or simply as the manager. This is a middle management position that entails far more than managing a retail operation. It involves managing the entire store, from the receiving of goods / merchandise to customer service. If there is a problem, it will require the attention of the branch manager.

The first and foremost aim is to ensure that customers are served efficiently and are satisfied at all times. All the departments in the store must be integrated so that they run efficiently and interdependently. The branch manager needs to pursue sales targets and be effective in the management of stock. The job usually also entails ensuring that the head office’s strategy is implemented in the store.

Satisfying Aspects
- working and interacting with people
- being part of the decision-making process

Demanding aspects
- facing shortages in the retail sector
- difficulty finding the time to deal with all the tasks that require attention

- a good communicator
- good people-management skills
- able to work as part of a team
- have business-development skills

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting requirements for a business or managerial course

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Business Science

While there is little formal training available at tertiary institutions for this type of job, any business or sales course would be very helpful. Some stores or institutions, however, have their own on-the-job training and a Project Manager’s course would be useful.

- business and industry
- financial institutions

Any of the above.