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Dog Walker
Dog walkers visit the homes of their clients to take dogs out for daily exercise. Dog walkers are responsible for providing exercise for their client’s dogs each day. Walks usually run in half hour or one hour increments. Dog walkers often are also responsible for checking the dog’s food and water supply to make sure basic needs are met after their exercise. Some dog walkers also offer pet sitting services for occasions when their clients go out of town.

Dog walkers also must notify owners and pursue veterinary attention for any dog that becomes sick or injured while under their supervision. Dog walkers should have their clients complete a document listing their contact information, their vet’s contact information, and other important information about the dog (age, breed, weight, medical conditions, current medications, etc).

School Subjects
No specific school subjects required.

No formal education or certification is required to be a dog walker, though experience working with dogs is necessary. A dog walker must be very familiar with dog behavior, basic care, and first aid. Most dog walkers are long-time dog owners themselves.

It is also a big plus if a dog walker can reference prior work in an animal health field, such as prior employment as a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant. Owners are often more comfortable leaving their animals in the care of those with some sort of veterinary background.

Private dog owners.