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Television Producer
A television producer plans and coordinates the practical organizational aspects of a television production.

It is important for the television producer to know what the audience wants. Early in this career the producer follows data, statistics and figures. As time goes by this knowledge will develop instinctively.

The producer watches a lot of television to:
- get an idea of customer interests;
- see what the competitors are doing;
- glean ideas;
- assess standards.

The television producer calls on the commissioning executives and talks to them about the channel's viewers, its policies and its branding. It is important to know the psyche of the channel.

The television producer:
- decides on, designs and develops a television programme (daily, weekly or specialized);
- sets up auditions for actors or participants;
- controls the securing of costumes, props and other equipment;
- coordinates the sound, scenes, music, camera work, timing and modifications to the script;
- instructs the actors, participants and crew regarding the timetable and rehearsals and sees that the production runs to schedule;
- ensures that the production does not run over budget;
- negotiates staff contracts, authorises the payment of salaries and arranges publicity for the production.

The television producer usually specializes in an area of interes such as news, game shows, sport programmes, actuality programmes etc.

Satisfying Aspects
See Film, TV and Video Producer

A television producer should:
- be creative;
- have excellent organizational and communication skills;
- display initiative in recommending ways to keep within budget and still produce a programme of high quality;
- have stamina to withstand high pressure and a long working day.

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate with matric exemption for a degree course.
National Senior Certificate for a diploma course.

RECOMMENDED SUBJECTS: Speech and Drama, Music, Art

- Television companies
- Freelance work

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