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Computer Terminal Operator
Computer terminal operators type information into the computer for processing. A computer terminal operator's job is to review data for accuracy and make corrections.

The computer terminal operator also types computer programs and inputs data and sets up instruction programs for the computer to follow.

Other responsibilities include:

- programming margin changes, line adjustments and other routine typing decisions
- safe-keeping of all the documentation
- taking care of the computer equipment

Satisfying Aspects
- keeping things running smoothly
- good job opportunites

Demanding aspects
- working under pressure
- having to work long hours and shifts sometimes

A computer terminal operator should:
- be alert and attentive;
- be interested in how machinery works;
- work well under pressure;
- have good typing skills;
- work efficiently and accurately;
- have finger dexterity and good eye-hand coordination;
- be able to concentrate;
- have good vision.

School Subjects
Grade 10 Certificate.
Employers prefer higher educational qualifications.
National Senior Certificate for a diploma course.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Information Technology, Languages, Computer Applications

IN-SERVICE TRAINING: A candidate must pass a selection process before appointment.
The data typist who has already attained proficiency on any other keyboard (such as a typewriter or other office machine) may be trained on the job by senior operators or supervisors.
The candidate with no experience is sent on an external course or given a systematic training course before starting productive work. The basic content of the training course is standard but its application is adapted to the needs of each individual on a personal basis.

- All businesses and industries
- Educational and health care institutions
- Government departments
- Computer manufacturers

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