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Sales Representative
Sales representatives introduce the public or buyers to products or services and try to create an interest, which would lead to the placement of orders for the products or the utilisation of the company's services.

Sales representatives use samples and brochures to introduce the wares and services, explains their use and benefits, and answer questions with regard to the product and service on offer.

They do not merely act as vendors, but are in fact companies' ambassadors. It is their job to explain the sales policies, attitudes, aims and intentions of the firm.

Sales representatives are also liaison officers between a firm and it's clients. A client can be anyone from an attorney to a mechanic. Sales representatives need to visit clients regularly to maintain a good rapport and positive attitude. It is therefore expected in some organizations that sales representatives will travel extensively. Companies usually provide sales representatives with vehicles or transport allowances to cover travelling expenses. Some reps may visit clients on foot or make use of public transport within the perimeters of large cities.

Satisfying Aspects
- working with people
- working in different locations
- working without direct supervision
- opportunities to travel
- challenging and varied work

Demanding aspects
- sometimes having to work weekends or evenings
- extensive travelling means a lot of time away from home
- dealing with difficult people
- tension involved when doing business
- stress of working on a commission basis

A sales representative should:
- be able to work well with people;
- be sympathetic, friendly and pleasant;
- communicate fluently and clearly in at least two of the official languages;
- have tact and diplomacy;
- be persuasive and ambitious;
- have good physical health and stamina.

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate
In some cases, a higher qualification is required for in-service training

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Business Science, Economics, Mathematics

There is no particular course of study or training required to enter this field. Most of the companies have their own in-service training programmes.

Diploma: N.Dip: Marketing - CPUT, VUT, DUT, TUT. Also most FET colleges, eg Northlink, Boland, KZN Coastal, Flavius Mareka, S Cape College, Vuselela.

The Institute of Marketing Management offers a Diploma in Marketing Management (three years) and a Certificate in Sales Management, Salesmanship, Retail Marketing and Marketing Management (each one year). Various correspondence colleges provide these courses.

Many private institutions offer courses in Marketing eg Boston, Kaizen, Global School, College Campus, Rosebank College, Varsity College, AAA, ICESA, and Damelin.

- retail stores
- manufacturing firms
- large and small businesses
- wholesalers of such items as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothing, cleaning agents, kitchenware and foodstuffs

Colleges and universities of technology that offer certificate courses in Salesmanship.

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