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Photocopy Machine Operator
Photocopy and duplicating machine operators run various kinds of machines that copy invoices, letters, reports, contracts and other documents.

The type of equipment involved includes copying, mimeograph and stencil machines. These operators are responsible for keeping these machines loaded with paper and properly adjusted for the number of copies to be made. In addition, they may sort the pages of lengthy documents by hand or by machine.

Satisfying Aspects
- offering a service to your company, customers or community
- being able to start your own business

Demanding aspects
- dealing with difficult or over-demanding people
- accumulating the capital needed to start up own business
- having to repair or replace damaged equipment

A duplicating machine operator should:
- work well without supervision;
- be accurate;
- enjoy routine work tasks;
- able to follow instructions carefully;
- get along well with others;
- work well under pressure;
- have good manual dexterity;
- have good eye-hand coordination;
- have good vision;
- have mechanical ability.

School Subjects
Grade 10 Certificate

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

Training (about 2 weeks) is provided by the suppliers of duplicating machines.

- suppliers of duplicating machines
- banks and other financial institutions
- insurance companies
- wholesale and retail stores
- firms providing business services
- educational and research institutions
- government departments
- self-employment, with enough capital, can start own duplicating business