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Florists create and sell floral and plant arrangements to meet customers' needs. They need to know the names of flowers, how long they last and the growing requirements of plants.

Florists consult with individuals about planning weddings, parties and special events. They advise customers on the care of flowers and plants and may work from orders which specify exact colour, flower type and price.

Depending on the size of the shop, florists may also sell items in stock, take and forward orders, carry out clerical and book-keeping tasks and prepare accessories for the coming season. Some florists manage their own shops.

Florists are also responsible for the delivery of flower arrangements or bouquets and must ensure that deliveries are made to the right customers at the right times. They can also arrange to receive and send floral orders worldwide.

Florists must also ensure that their shops have sufficient stock of items such as pots, ribbons, oasis material, baskets, ornaments and cards. A variety of pottery, pots and glass vases need to be available for special orders.

Satisfying Aspects
- opportunity to start own business
- working with your hands
- working with people
- the variety of work
- being able to apply your creative and artistic skills

Demanding aspects
- having to work overtime at times to fill orders
- working long hours and on Saturdays, especially during special holiday seasons
- the physical demands of the work, such as being on your feet for long periods

A florist should be/have:
- artistic and creative
- knowledge of and a love for flowers and plants
- able to communicate well with people and get along easily with others
- patience, empathy and kindness
- manual dexterity
- good colour vision
- diligent and self-motivated
- business skills

School Subjects
No specific requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

FET Colleges: short informal or hobby courses are offered by most FET Colleges. Intec offers a course in flower arranging.

Most florists receive in-service training with their employers

- Florist shops
- Hotels or other institutions
- Self-employment, with the necessary experience can start own florist shop or work on contract basis and do the flowers for weddings and dinner parties

For more information you can contact any florist shop and wholesale flower distributors, or nurseries. Also the Verwoerdburg College for FET