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Farm Foreman / Manager
Farm managers or foremen are responsible for the general maintenance and management of the farm. Managers plan, organize and supervise activities on farms.

The nature of the work differs according to the type of farming. On crop farms, managers or foremen supervise the planting, fertilising, spraying, cultivating and harvesting procedures of crops. On livestock farms, they supervise the care-taking of animals and the control of illnesses.

Farm managers and foremen are also responsible for the maintenance of tractors and other farming implements.

Satisfying Aspects
- working outdoors
- working relatively independently
- living in rural areas away from urban congestion
- developing and using a wide range of skills, from mechanical to animal husbandry
- working with animals and/or plants

Demanding aspects
- working in bad weather conditions
- long irregular hours
- coping with natural disasters, such as floods, drought, insect plagues and animal diseases

A farm foreman / manager should:
- enjoy working outdoors, in all weather conditions;
- like to work with plants and/or animals;
- be practical and hard-working;
- have diligence;
- have mechanical aptitude;
- have organisational ability;
- have the ability to endure isolation and limited social contact;
- have good health and physical strength and stamina;
- be independent, responsible and self-disciplined.

School Subjects
No minimum qualifications are required but functional literacy is neccesary.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Agricultural Sciences

Degree: BSc (Agric) and other agricultural degrees - NMMU, UFS, UFH, UL, US, UKZN, UP, UV, UZ, UNISA, NWU

Diploma: Various diplomas are offered by different universities of technology, - CPUT, CUT, TUT, DUT.

Agricultural colleges offer diploma and certificate courses, which cover the most important branches of farming in the country; emphasis is placed on the agricultural situation prevalent in the area served by the specific college.

Agricultural colleges include:

- Elsenburg Agricultural Development Institute - Stellenbosch
- Glen Agricultural Development Institute - Bloemfontein
- Grootfontein Agricultural College - Middelburg
- Cedara Agricultural Development Institute - Pietermaritzburg
- Lowveld Agricultural College - Nelspruit
- Owen Sitole College of Agriculture - Empangeni

Some farm foremen receive in-service training, under the supervision of senior farm foremen / managers or farmers / landowners.

- Large farming corporations
- Owners of large farms
- Department of Agriculture
- Department of Health
- Department of Land Affairs
- Department of Forestry
- Self-employment, with enough experience, initiative and capital, can start own farming enterprise

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