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Historians use their knowledge of the past to attempt to explain current events.

The historian involved in research, evaluates evidence from photographs, letters or verbal accounts of events to determine their authenticity and value. They then develop theories about the evidence, and present the findings in teaching, lectures, or writings. In addition to conducting research, historians may teach at colleges or universities. They may also serve as consultants to editors, publishers, or to radio and television shows or films.

Some areas of specialization for historians include:

- history of a specific area, region or country
- history of a particular era
- history of a field such as economics, medicine or the arts
- historical preservation of such items as documents and art pieces
- teaching
- writing

Satisfying Aspects
- relating the past to the present
- the variety of one's work
- the opportunity to travel to sites of historic events
- independence

Demanding aspects
- the amount of time and education needed to advance in one's field
- limited job opportunities
- research
- searching materials for obscure details

A historian should have/be:
- special interest in history
- curious and persistent
- inquiring mind and academic approach
- able to communicate ideas clearly both in speech and in writing
- able to work both independently and as part of a group
- ability to understand details as well as broad concepts
- interest in research and have good organizational ability
- analytical skills and good judgement

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: History
Recommended Subjects: Languages

Degree: BA (History) - UFS, Wits, UWC, UNISA, UZ, US, RU, UCT, UP, UJ.

Post-graduate studies are essential for senior positions - UZ, UJ, Wits, UNISA. Although a masters degree is sufficient for some positions, advancement opportunities are limited for the historian who does not have a doctors degree.

A PhD is required for permanent teaching positions at college and university level and for many research and administrative positions.

A BA degree with at least one of the following subjects is a prerequisite for employment in the government service: History, Political Science, Public Administration, Languages and Cultural History.

- Universities and universities of technology
- Libraries
- Museums
- Historical societies
- Publishing firms
- Government agencies
- Archives
- Schools