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Minister of Religion
Ministers of religion, or clergymen, attend to the spiritual and moral needs of a church congregation.

Clergymen deliver sermons; lead services of worship; administer sacraments; conduct weddings, funerals and other religious ceremonies; provide instruction to individuals interested in joining the church; counsel those seeking guidance; visit the sick, elderly, handicapped and bereaved.

Ministers of religion may be engaged in community, civic, educational and recreational activities sponsored by or related to the church. They also have administrative duties such as writing testimonials for members of their congregation. Some are ex-officio members of clerical bodies which manage the joint activities of the church.

They work in a variety of settings: in their churches and living quarters, in the homes of congregation members, as well as in hospitals, nursing homes, community meeting rooms, schools and religious institutions.

Satisfying Aspects
- serving others
- offering guidance to those who are troubled
- working with all types of people
- serving as the religious leader of a congregation

Demanding aspects
- working long, irregular hours and being on call around the clock
- working under pressure during occasional emergency situations

A clergyman should:
- have a strong religious faith
- have belief that he is called by God
- have desire to serve others
- get along well with all kinds of people
- be a role model in ethical and moral conduct
- have initiative and self-discipline
- be able to speak and write well
- be organized and good leadership and motivational skills
- think and act clearly in emergencies
- have problem-solving skills
- have emotional stability and maturity

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Religious Studies, Languages, History

Degree: Theological studies are offered at UNISA, UFS, UJ, US, UWC, NWU, UP, UKZN, UFH, UZ.

Note: There is a vast number of church groups and denominations and each one has its own requirements for the training of their clergymen.

- Individual congregations
- Chaplains for hospitals, Prisons Department, the Police and the armed forces
- Religious institutions
- Universities

The head office of any religious order you choose.