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Telecommunications Linesworker
A telecommunications linesworker or linesman is responsible for the erection, maintenance and repair of the wooden poles, metal towers, cables and other equipment used to construct electrical transmission and distribution powerlines. Lines carry electricity from power stations to sub-stations and on to consumers.

A linesman starts working under the supervision of a qualified linesman to erect overhead power lines and lay underground cables. Experienced linesmen move up to more responsible positions, such as planning and the mapping out of the positions of the line supports. They work with a team of ground workers doing tasks such as:

- erecting and installing power lines
- attaching cross-arms, insulators and lightning arresters
- climbing poles or towers to install transformers
- routine maintenance and repair

Satisfying Aspects
- working outdoors
- travelling

Demanding aspects
- physically challenging work
- havng to answer emergency calls out of hours
- dealing with difficult landowners

A telecommunications linesworker should:
- be technically oriented
- in excellent physical condition
- have manual strength and dexterity
- be willing to work outdoors in all kinds of weather
- like to travel
- understand electricity
- not be afraid of heights

School Subjects
Grade 10 or N1 Certificate.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

In-service Training: basic training lasts 6 months after which the candidate begins to work as a learner linesman. The training includes: Fire fighting, Safety measures, First aid, High tension regulations, Electricity I and II, Construction.
dditional Requirements:

Minimum age 17 years old.
An aptitude test must also be taken.


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