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Messengers are required to deliver letters, packages, telegrams, messages, documents and other items to private homes and businesses, travelling on foot or by bicycle, motor scooter or car.

Work tasks vary according to employer and include the following:

- preparing lists of cheques, drafts, notes, and other items drawn on banks
- making deliveries to clearing and business houses for payment
- providing clerical supplies; opening, sorting and distributing incoming mail
- collecting, sealing and stamping outgoing mail
- collecting and distributing paperwork such as records and time cards between departments
- obtaining receipts for items delivered
- marking, tabulating and filing of articles and records.

In small companies the messenger may be expected to do cleaning around the office and/or to make tea and coffee.

Satisfying Aspects
- working regular hours
- being able to find work without having obtained a great deal of education
- delivering items from one place to another

Demanding aspects
- being on one's feet a great deal
- low wages
- routine work tasks

A messenger should:
- be reliable and dependable;
- get along well with others;
- be honest.

School Subjects
No requirements.
Must be able to read and write.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: None

The messenger receives his training on the job.

- Banks
- Stockbrokers
- Financial institutions
- Government departments
- Provincial administrations
- Municipalities
- Private concerns
- Businesses
- Industry

Any of the above potential employers.