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Valuer and Appraiser
Valuers and appraisers establish the monetary worth of property, merchandise, business assets, objets d' art, precious stones, motor vehicles and household effects.

In recent years the term 'valuer' has been used to describe a person who determines the value of immovable property, while the term 'appraiser' is used to describe a person who determines the value of any property, merchandise, goods and assets for purposes of managing deceased estates.

Valuers and appraisers use the most readily available comparable facts and examine goods for condition and authenticity.

They provide information for the parties concerned with the sale or expropriation of property. They may also be called upon to establish the value of security offered for a loan or mortgage. They assess the value of properties to enable local authorities to raise rates and taxes. They ascertain the value of company assets and shares. They evaluate the amount of cover and claims for insurance and estimate the value of plant and machinery.

It is obvious that in every instance the good judgement of valuers is of cardinal importance to the parties concerned, because vast sums of money are at stake. The exact nature of valuers' work depends upon the employing organisation, such as building societies, banks, insurance companies, government departments, provincial administrations, local authorities or private practices.

Their working conditions can vary widely from day to day, depending on the type of valuation required to done. Valuers may find themselves in a very large office environment, whereas other colleagues may spend much of their time out of doors, inspecting properties.

However, valuers can never be entirely office bound, because no valuation can be made without a physical inspection of the property and other comparable properties. Whatever field valuers may decide upon, they can expect to travel to some extent.

Satisfying Aspects
- variety of work tasks
- determining your own hours, when working as a consultant
- good employment opportunities
- good salaries

Demanding aspects
- occasionally having to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions
- going through public records
- sometimes having to work evenings or weekends to meet clients’ needs
- having to keep up with developments in this field

A valuer and appraiser should:
- have good communication skills;
- be honest and objective;
- have good judgement;
- able to keep matters confidential;
- have unquestionable integrity;
- be able to think logically and clearly;
- be familiar with sources of public information;
- be able to read blueprints and mechanical drawings;
- have a knowledge of building construction.

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics
Recommended Subjects: Economics, Business Science, Accounting

Degree: Various university degrees are recognized - for example, a BCom degree with Business Econoics, specializing in Real Estate - UNISA

Diploma: N.Dip: Real Estate (Property Valuation) - UNISA

All valuers and appraisers must be registered with the South African Council for Valuers.To accommodate all persons concerned, there are three categories of registration: valuer, associated valuer and valuer-in-training.

In addition to obtaining one of the above-mentioned qualifications, they should apply to the Council for registration as a valuer-in-training, because the Council recognizes only practical experience gained as such. It is highly advisable that valuers-in-training also become student members of the South African Institute of Valuers, which presents seminars and workshops with Valuation as a subject.

- Financial institutions
- Provincial administrators
- Local authorities
- Property development companies
- Self-employment, in private practice as a consultant

The South African Institute of Valuers
P O Box 28060
Malvern, 4055
Tel: (031) 464-6932 Fax: (031) 464-6933

Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa
P O Box 12789
Hatfield, 0028
10 Howard Studios
Tel: (012) 531-20741 Fax: (086) 511-4624