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Educarer / Early Childhood Development Practitioner
Educarers mainly care for young children from birth up to school going age, at home or in an institution.

This vocation offers a wide range of employment possibilities, and additional duties will vary according to the specific employment situation.

Educarers or nannies in a private home are likely to dress, feed and bath small children; play with them; supervise their homework; and read to them.

They may perform domestic duties such as light housework, cooking and laundry and could be required to travel with the family and perform similar duties during the trip.

Educarers in institutions such as a crèche feed and clean small children; keep them busy constructively; tidy playrooms; and accompany children on excursions and look after them. They may help prepare meals and perform administrative duties.

Satisfying Aspects
- being involved in raising children
- teaching them basic life skills
- the possibility of travel and seeing different places
- possibly making life-long friends with the family for which they worked

Demanding aspects
- working long hours
- frustration when children are difficult or disobedient

An educarer should:
- love young children and have a genuine concern for their well-being;
- communicate well with people;
- be calm and patient;
- be friendly and cheerful;
- be adaptable and flexible;
- be practical;
- have integrity;
- be very responsible and trustworthy.

School Subjects
No specific requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Consumer Studies

Most TVET colleges offer suitable courses for educarers, eg, Boland, Buffalo, False Bay, Flavius Mareka, Northlink, Orbit, SW Gauteng, South Cape.
Universities offering training in early childhood development - UP, UV and UNISA.

Educarers are usually trained by employers to meet their specific requirements

- Crèches
- Day care centres
- Nursery schools
- Private families (as a professional nanny)
- Overseas families (as an au pair)
- Self-employment, for example as a day mother or own crèche