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Photojournalists specialize in one aspect of photography, namely pictures of newsworthy events, people, or other illustrative or educational material for use in publications or telecasts, using still cameras.

This work often necessitates travel to different and sometimes dangerous locations, for example, to cover natural disasters or military conflicts. Photojournalists need to understand the story behind the 'on-the spot news' and to portray this in a series of photographs which form a visual statement or essay.

Photojournalists can also diversify into publishing photographic books, calendars, postcards and posters.

Satisfying Aspects
- variety of work and specialities to choose from
- working in a creative field, most areas of which are perceived to be glamorous
- opportunities to freelance and set up own business

Demanding aspects
- doing detailed work
- sometimes working irregular hours
- working weekends, evenings and holidays
- being away from home for long periods, sometimes in dangerous places, especially if a news photographer
- frustration when photographs do not develop and print out properly

A photojournalist should:
- have a feeling for what is newsworthy;
- be interested in people and current affairs;
- have the creative ability to develop a theme from their photographs;
- able to initiate and maintian pleasant human relations;
- able to react and decide quickly;
- good health and physical stamina
- have good vision and colour sense
- have technical ability in photography
- be creative, artistic and imaginative
- be willing to work long and unusual hours
- be prepared to travel to far-flung and sometimes dangerous locations
- have emotional stability, as often disturbing events are witnessed

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Recommended Subjects: Visual Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Geography

Diploma: The N.Dip. Photography - CUT, CPUT, DUT, TUT, VUT, NMMU.

Most novices are expected to spend a few years as assistants, since practical experience is very important.

- portrait and commercial photography studios
- newspapers and magazines
- television
- advertising agencies
- some large companies and industries
- hospitals and research institutes
- government departments
- film industry
- self-employment, with own studio or freelance work

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