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Fitness and Health Consultant
Fitness and health consultants assess the physical health and fitness levels of clients and, on the basis of this assessment, offer advice on lifestyle changes to improve fitness, general health and well-being.

At the initial evaluation, fitness and health consultants will conduct physical tests such as measurement of pulse, heart rate and weight.

Fitness consultants also evaluate the client's general state of well-being by inquiring into such matters as stress, eating habits, illnesses and physical activity. Following this, a lifestyle plan is then recommended for the client which addresses aspects such as diet, an exercise programme and stress management.

Satisfying Aspects
- helping people to get fit and healthy
- working with people

Demanding aspects
- frustration when your advice falls on deaf ears
- not having enough clients

A fitness and health consultant should:
- have a fit and healthy appearance;
- have self-confidence;
- have good communication skills;
- be a likeable person;
- have empathy and patience;
- be professional;
- have enthusiasm and be able to motivate people.

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences

Because entry requirements differ from one course to another, the requirements of the specific course in which you are interested should be checked.

Universities offering courses in Biokinetics, Exercise Science and Human Movement Science are: NWU, UP, UV, UCT, RU, UZ, UFS, NMMU, UJ, US, UWC, Wits.

Universities of Technology offering courses in Sport Management - TUT, CPUT, CUT, DUT, VUT.

Exercise Teacher’s Academy courses are offered as full-time, part-time, home study and e-study courses and are recognised by the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, taking from 5 months to one year.

- Universities
- Private colleges
- Training departments of large corporations
- Non-governmental organizations
- Institutions specifically established for adult education
- Dance studios
- Health clubs
- Job training centres
- Community organisations
- Trade unions
- Religious organisations
- Old age homes
- Self-employment, set up own consultancy

Exercise Teachers’ Academy
P O Box 694
Rondebosch 7701
Tel: (021) 683-8342 Fax: (021) 683-3515

Biokinetics Association of SA
P O Box 39051
Garsfontein East, 0060
Tel: (079) 509-9556 Fax: 086 519 8090