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Language Practitioner
Language practitioners render specialized language and communication services over a broad spectrum of fields, for example, interpreting, translating, language training, copywriting, creative writing, language research, publicity, development of literary and language programmes, developing computer assisted language packages and providing organisations with language-related advice.

South Africa has 11 official languages, which means language practitioners are needed at all levels in the public and private sectors. Institutions such as Parliament, the State Language Services, the National Terminology Services, provincial governments, the CSIR, HSRC, SABC, universities and universities of technology all make extensive use of language practitioners, as do private institutions such as banks, insurance companies and the media.

Language practitioners in African languages, English and Afrikaans are usually in high demand, but those with other languages such as French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Russian and Spanish are also needed.

Satisfying Aspects
- good working conditions
- being a link in communication between people who speak different languages
- working with words and different languages
- wide range of specializations to choose from
- the possibility of travelling or living in foreign countries

Demanding aspects
- the total concentration that often leads to tension
- studying constantly to keep up with new developments in the countries whose languages    are spoken
- creative or 'writers' block

A language practitioner should:
- have excellent language and communication skills
- be trustworthy and responsible
- be patient and tactful
- have good command of languages and fluency in speech
- have good general knowledge
- be versatile enough to be able to cope with texts in a variety of fields
- be able to pay careful attention to detail
- be able to do research on the content and background of a text

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: Home language
Recommended Subjects: Other languages, Geography, History

Degree: BA in Languages - most universities.Language Practice - UFS, Applied Language Studies - Wits, NMMU, Linguistics - RU, UKZN, US, UZ, Wits, UJ, UNISA.

Diploma: Language Practice - CUT, DUT and VUT

- any sector where language and general communication services are rendered.
- schools and universities
- non-governmental organisations
- banks and insurance companies
- international political organisations
- embassies and consulates
- parliament and other government departments
- tour agencies
- tourism industry
- self-employment, if qualified and experienced enough, can start own enterprise

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