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The work of a ventriloquist differs from puppetry and marionettes in that the ventriloquist creates the illusion that the puppet can actually talk, while remaining in full view of the audience throughout the presentation. Ventriloquists use near life-size figures with which they create a life-like illusion.

Many people believe that ventriloquists have a special throat, giving them the extraordinary ability to create another voice. This is not so. Ventriloquism is a projection of the voice. As with singers, ventriloquists need to practise regularly and to breathe correctly in order to succeed.

There are six letters of the alphabet known as labials, which require movement of the speaker's lips: P, F, M, B, V and W. Ventriloquists replace these letters with another sound almost like them; for example, they replace an "f" by the "th" sound. This is how they avoid using their lips.

Ventriloquists usually work indoors, on a stage or in a hall. Sometimes they work outdoors, on open-air stages.

Satisfying Aspects
- entertaining and amusing people
- making people believe that the puppet is doing the talking
- being able to get across a message of humour, satire, etc, but in the name of the puppet character

Demanding aspects
- working irregular hours
- low income
- travelling and thus being away from home for long periods

A ventriloquist should:
- have a clear and pleasant voice
- be well-spoken and have an excellent memory
- like people and enjoy entertaining them
- have confidence and the ability to perform
- an artistic background is an advantage.

No formal training is available. This is a skill and talent that needs to be practised. Contact with an experience ventriloquist is beneficial for learning and developing techniques and methods.

- councils for performing arts
- privately owned theatres
- television and film industry
- entertainment agencies
- self-employment, as a freelancer

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