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Fireworks Display Artist
Fireworks display artists, also known as pyrotechnicians, give fireworks shows at functions, parties and on special occasions. They need to ensure that they are conducting a safe show, as fireworks can be very dangerous.

Fireworks display artists promote the sale and production of good quality fireworks. They combine education with science in order to give a spectacular show. Every year, fireworks display artists gather at PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International), where they share experiments, information, processes and formulae. These meetings feature seminars, lectures, video representations and demonstrations.

Commercial products used by firework display artists are: time fuses, black powder, electric matches, round shell castings, cardboard discs, cylinders and tubes.

Fireworks display artists have various ranks: beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and exhibition. Ground displays produce primary effects that begin on the ground, e.g. fountains, wheels, waterfalls, rockets, etc.

Satisfying Aspects
- creating spectacular shows to impress and entertain people
- being able to compose something original
- the excitement of such events

Demanding aspects
- frustration when ideas fail
- potentially dangerous
- working irregular hours and with loud noises

- be at least 16 years old
- creative and self-motivated
- safety conscious
- aptitude for science
- able to handle failure

In-service further training may be provided under the supervision of an experienced fireworks display artist. Safety awareness is a prerequisite.

Novelty shops and fireworks display artists

Most firework display artists are self employed, .usually in a part-time capacity, while holding down another regular job.

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