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Data Capturer
Data capturers enter data into computer files via keyboards. The data may or may not be in a coded form. Data is then reviewed for accuracy and corrections made. They may also type up computer programs and set up instructions or programs for the computer to follow. They may also need to make margin changes, line adjustments and other routine typing decisions.

First learning to be a touch typist, that is, one who can type accurately without looking at the keyboard, would be very useful in this career.

Satisfying Aspects
- good job opportunities
- usually working with modern equipment and in pleasant surroundings
- sometimes working with interesting data
- being part of a team

Demanding aspects
- repetitive nature of the work
fairly low remuneration
- having to work overtime to meet deadlines
- possible back and neck ache from working at a keyboard for hours
- working under pressure

- accurate, alert and attentive
- good typing skills and finger dexterity
- good eye-hand coordination
- ability to concentrate for long periods
- good eye for detail
- orderly thinker and worker

School Subjects
Compulsory Subjects: Computer Applications
Recommended Subjects: Information Technology

Some employers offer in-service training

Various colleges offer typing courses and some may offer specialist data capture courses.

- businesses
- industry
- educational and health care institutions
- government departments
- market research organizations
- temp employment agencies
- self-employment, as a freelance data capturer or through a temp agency

Any of the above potential employers or the nearest college