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Health Inspector
Health inspectors' work includes the supervision and safeguarding of environmental sanitation, food, water supplies, housing conditions and the prevention of disease.

It is their duty to: ensure a safe water, milk and food supplies; inspect establishments where food, drugs and cosmetics are made, handled, stored, sold or conveyed; investigate the structural and sanitary conditions of premises, personal cleanliness and handling of products; inspect non-food business premises and private premises, and carry out slum clearance and pest control.

They take samples of water, milk, food and other substances regularly and run tests, keep records, submit reports, attend to correspondence and licence applications, peruse building plans, compile statements for prosecutions, attend meetings and investigate complaints.

State health inspectors initiate educational programmes. They also put into operation immunization services, health campaigns and tuberculosis control, as well as advise local authorities on community health.
Health inspectors may on a rotation basis, specialize in one particular area, such as food control, slum clearance, pest control, institutions or milk control, etc.

Health inspectors work in many different settings. They travel from one establishment to another for inspection purposes but usually have their own offices where reports are prepared.

Satisfying Aspects
- the variety of the work
- working with people
- travelling
- performing a useful service
- being supplied with a motorcar or being reimbursed for travelling

Demanding aspects
- the large amount of administrative work
- working with unreasonable people who must be forced by law to change harmful practices
- the unpleasant odours in some of the plants they visit
- a lot of travelling

- keen interest in the general health of the population
- concerned about the food for human consumption
- want to improve the living conditions of the community
- enjoy working with people
- able to accept responsibility
- honest and objective
- good judgement and the ability to organize
- sound knowledge of health care systems

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate for diploma course

Recommended Subjects: Mathematics, Natural Science, Life Sciences, Geography

Public Health courses are offered by Wits, UL, UP and UCT. A post-graduate qualification may be obtained at eg. UNIS.

Qualified persons are registered as health inspectors with the Interim National Medical and Dental Council of South Africa.

- municipalities
- Department of National Health and Population Development
- Transnet
- SA Defence Force
- mines
- Department of Agriculture

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