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Sculptors are artists who create three-dimensional works of art. They can create their pieces through the individual use of metal, wood, glass, wire, stone, concrete, plastics, paper, clay or fibreglass or any combination of these and other materials; moulding, cutting, welding or carving art pieces from such materials.

Some of their works could be realistic, whilst others may be abstract representations of objects, nature, people, events, etc. Sculptors mostly create their pieces to fulfil their own need for self-expression, but could also be commissioned to make a specific piece by a client. They can display their art works in art galleries, flea markets, art exhibitions, or in their own homes.

Generally sculptors work in their own studios or design and art studios located in office buildings. Their surroundings are normally well illuminated and ventilated. Sometimes they are exposed to odours emanating from the various media they use, such as paint, ink, glue, etc.

Satisfying Aspects
- expressing your own ideas in visual form
- possibility of becoming famous
- establishing a particular style
- possible high earnings
- working your own hours

Demanding aspects
- some projects can take a long time to complete
- sometimes back-breaking work in awkward positions
- difficulty of ensuring that you are able to support yourself financially during a large project
- long hours if you are working to a deadline

- creative, artistic and talented
- enjoy working with your hands
- able to work independently
- able to bear isolation for long periods
- able to visualize three-dimensional designs
- able to develop new ideas continually

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution will have its own minimum entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: Visual Arts (for degree course)
Recommended Subjects: Mechanical Technology

Many sculptors are self-taught and have no formal training. Such sculptors are usually exceptionally gifted.

Degree: BA (Fine Art) - various universities - eg UFS, US, RU, Wits

Diploma: CUT, DUT, VUT, TUT

A course in Ceramics and Sculpture is offered at Port Elizabeth FET.

Certificate and short courses: there are various courses offered at colleges and specialized art colleges, including sculpting, ceramics, etc.

For admission to formal training and employment, be prepared to show a portfolio of your work and attend an assessment interview.

- art galleries
- art exhibitions
- flea markets
- any organization or private individual who might commission you to create a specific work / piece of art
- self-employment, some sculptors start their own businesses or form cooperatives with other sculptors

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