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Supply Chain Manager
Supply chain managers ensure that products and services are available in the right place at the right time. Retailers often outsource this responsibility to specialist logistics and distribution companies.

Supply chain managers have to manage the different aspects of the supply chain (including sourcing, purchasing, transport, warehousing and distribution), and they may organise distribution to consumers via home delivery services.

They work closely with suppliers and customers to improve operations and reduce costs, and integrate the business processes and IT systems of many suppliers and customers. Increasingly, they take responsibility for ’reverse logistics’, such as the return of reusable pallets, collection of packaging for recycling, as well as the return of rejected or damaged goods.

Satisfying Aspects
- playing an important role in business
- many job opportunities

Demanding aspects
- having to deal with unreliable suppliers
- having to work long, irregular hours
- having to work under great pressure

- ability to understand the whole process ’from supplier’s supplier to customer’s customer’
- interpersonal and negotiation skills
- have numeracy and IT skills
- confidence and integrity
- organisational and planning skills
- ability to work under pressure
- written and verbal communication skills
- willingness to work unusual hours (a lot of supply chain activity happens at night)

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics
Recommended Subjects: Business Science, Economics, Information Technology

A National Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management or equivalent. Computer Literacy-office applications. Code EB driving licence.

Most high-quality graduate training schemes include extensive supply chain exposure. Professional qualifications in functions such as purchasing, logistics or transport management are available and valued by employers. Courses in Supply Chain Management and Logistics are available at Bytes People Solutions, Intec and Damelin. Relevant courses are also available through the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (see below).

- factories
- manufacturers
- large retailers
- logistics and distribution companies

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