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Mail Handler
Mail handlers are responsible for the processing and delivery of mail.

Mail handlers arrange letters into delivery routes by sorting them into street and house number order. They collect post from post boxes on the way, as they deliver mail using a bicycle, motorcycle or on foot.

Their sorting duties can include:

- processing of mail within the post office and large mail centres
- sorting letters, newspapers, registered items and parcels according to their destinations
- preparing mail for sorting by mail sorting machines (a computer creates bar codes on the mail item)
- tying the mail for any particular route up in bundles and dispatching it in properly sealed mailbags.

Records are kept of all mail dispatched, and a hand-to-hand check of all certified registered or insured items is carried out by the sorting officer.

Satisfying Aspects
- job security
- doing a responsible job and helping the public
- working outdoors some of the time
- getting to know the people on your route

Demanding aspects
- working early mornings
- carrying heavy parcels
- working in adverse weather conditions
- exhaust fumes in heavy traffic

A mail handler should:
- be able to concentrate;
- be honest;
- be able to work accurately;
- be physically fit;
- have good eye-hand coordination.

School Subjects
Grade 8 Certificate.

Compulsory Subjects: English, African Language
Recommended Subjects: None

The candidate in possession of at least a Grade 10 Certificate receives in-service theoretical as well as practical training.

The mail handler on delivery duties must have a valid driver's licence.

- SA Postal Service

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