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Franchising is the fastest growing industry in the country and includes a franchisor (seller of a concept / business) and a franchisee (buyer of concept / business). Many successful entrepreneurs later decide to franchise their idea, thus sharing their success with others, but also earning money from it.

Opportunities include food shops, phone shops, postal services, vending machines, consumer products, general office services, educational services, imported clothing, health products, restaurants etc.

The prospective franchisor normally assists the franchisee in all matters relating to starting up the acquired establishment. A predetermined ongoing royalty is payable to the franchisor. The franchisor is normally responsible for nation-wide advertising and other related functions.

The workplace will generally be the business premises of the franchise concerned, though some businesses can be run from home.

Satisfying Aspects
- working for yourself but with support if needed
- opportunity to run a profitable business
- great return on investment possible

Demanding aspects
- many rules to abide by
- long and exhausting hours
- increasingly higher overheads

- be highly motivated and pay attention to detail
- have good business sense
- have patience and perseverance
- have business-development skills
- able to work under pressure
- able to get on well with people

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting requirements for course

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Business Science, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics

Degree, diploma or certificate in field of Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Business Management etc at institutions such as NMMU, US, universities of technology.

- any company selling franchises

The Franchise Association of South Africa

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