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Remedial Therapist
A remedial therapist is a person who helps students to overcome learning disabilities. They focus on assisting individuals who suffer from conditions that interfere with learning, such as ADD, ADHD, and those with language and reasoning disabilities such as dyslexia (difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling) and dyscalculia (difficulty with mathematics).
When learning problems go undetected, children develop feelings of hopelessness, and as they become increasingly aware of their ‘failure’ and lack of achievement, they spiral downward and are eventually labelled as lazy or ‘problem’ children. Emotional problems that develop in children with learning difficulties can be more debilitating than the learning difficulty itself.

That is why social and life skills should not be considered less significant than academic achievement.

Remedial therapists usually examine their patients’ workbooks for indications of their problems, and then test them to confirm or diagnose them. They make use of various remedial aids and methods and advise teachers and parents on ways to assist the students concerned. They make use of eye-movement cameras, tachistoscopes (which measure reading perception) and intelligence and diagnostic tests,.

Satisfying Aspects
- satisfying to work with children who appreciate assistance
- helping children overcome their problems
- working with teachers and parents to improve a child’s skills

Demanding aspects
- dealing with the negative attitude of some parents
- frustration when efforts are unsuccessful

- sympathetic, friendly and patient
- able to show understanding and empathy
- have perseverance and persistence
- able to communicate well with children

School Subjects
National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course

Each institution has its own entry requirements.

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Sciences
Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences

To enter this career, one needs to be a qualified teacher who has specialised in remedial education. This course is available at most universities. Only teachers who have a three- or four-year teaching qualification with at least two years of teaching experience, may enrol for this course.

- private remedial schools
- education and government departments
- clinics and other health care facilities
- private practice

Any of the above. Universities that offer courses in remedial education.